In 1991 with the intervention of my Grandmother, there was a new addition at Deaconfield.

Mistylaw Nomad from Deaconfield arrived in Worcestershire from the famous Mistylaw Kennels in Scotland, along with a companion.   Little did I know how much my life was about to change! 

  Mistylaw Nomad from Deaconfield                                                       Photo:  Diane Pearce

Together we had a lot of fun and some success at both the Championship and Open Shows.   Nomad gained his Stud Book number and has a number of entries in the Stud Books.   He was closely followed by Jesson Fallacy at Deaconfield. Litter sister of Ch Jesson Firefly she was bred by the Late Mrs Honor Eades. 

  Jesson Fallacy At Deaconfield                Photo:  Diane Pearce
When Fallacy, a very sound moving bitch, was put to Ch Dialynne Augustus in 1996, she produced my two Champions - Ch Deaconfield Bounder and Ch Deaconfield Bonnie.  

   Ch Deaconfield Bounder - 3 CCs and 1 RCC
  Ch Deaconfield Bonnie - 4 CCs and 4 RCCs

The highlight of Bonnie's career was winning RCC at Crufts 1999 under breed specialist the Late Mrs Honor Eades.
Sadly, Bonnie had to be PTS on 2nd March 2012 but had reached a spectacular age of 15 years and 2 months.   Thanks for being a wonderful character both in the ring and out. Now at peace along with her Mother Fallacy and Brothers Bellman and Bounder.

Fallacy also produced Deaconfield Barnaby and Deaconfield Bellmaid from a litter to Dufosse Jackson.   Both showed well but have since taken a back seat from the showring.   Barnaby lived for many years in a super home in Derbyshire.

  Deaconfield Barnaby

Bonnie was mated to Ch Stormaway of Dialynne and produced Deaconfield Clarinet, an attractive broken tri-bitch who decided the showring wasn't for her.   After a litter to Jesson Musket resulting in Deaconfield Duet, Clarinet is living locally in a family home where she is spoilt to bits!

  Deaconfield Clarinet

Duet has retired from the showring and now resides in Cambridgeshire being spoilt as an only dog.
  Deaconfield Duet

This is Deaconfield Elderflower, daughter of Bellmaid and Rossut Piper.   
She is very much like her mother and grandmother, Fallacy.
  Deaconfield Elderflower, Jesson Fallacy at   Deaconfield and Deaconfield Bellmaid

Pictured below left is Deaconfield Flourish (the tan and white), Duet's daughter by Ch Nedlaw Barbarian.  She is currently taking time out of the ring and trying her paw at agility.   One of us isn't as fit as we first thought!!

From Duet's litter in 2009 to Ir Ch Kenzed Weaver of Bondlea we retained a tan and white dog, Deaconfield Fluter, and a tri-colour bitch, Deaconfield Folksong.   Both qualified for Crufts in 2011 with Fluter (Alfie) being placed. 

Fluter has become a sofa beagle and gone to live with Tia down near Bristol. He is enjoying long walks on the Mendips where he can run free and have lots of fun.

Deaconfield Fluter (Photo: Sam Dawson)

   Deaconfield Folksong