Older Hounds

Sometimes through no fault of their own, it may be necessary to rehome a Deaconfield Beagle. As a small kennel I can keep no more than six hounds at anytime, so if a hound is to continue to have a happy and fulfilled life after being a show dog it is nice to find them a comfortable home to enjoy their retirement. This doesn't necessarily mean that they are old in years, as you will know as a Beagle lover these merry little hounds can live well into their middle teens.

If you think that you can offer a loving, caring home to a Deaconfield Beagle, please contact me to discuss further. Obviously, your life style and the Beagle involved need to be suited to each other.

Older puppies and adults sometimes available to loving permanent homes


In the first instance please email me attaching your completed questionnaire - thank you.