If you are interested please complete the puppy questionnaire and forward to me using the email below.


AND EMAIL TO ME AT debbie_deaconfield@outlook.com

Occasionally we have puppies available to good homes. If you think you have the time and commitment for a Beagle puppy to join your family, please contact me.

Adding a puppy to the family is a very serious decision.

Do NOT get a puppy if:


You are busy running the kids to practice and events and appointments,  or have many social engagements, or are seldom home for whatever reason.

You do not have a sense of humour!

You have a very set expectation about what a puppy should act like, or what he should be like when grown.

You are intolerant of messes or destruction to a certain degree.

Anyone in the family does not want a puppy/dog.

You are not able to be the leader and teach the puppy to follow the rules of the household.

You value orderliness in your household and having muddy paws or shedding hair or teeth marks will bother you a great deal.

You are not willing to work through the problems, and spend time training and just loving your dog.

A member of the Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme, all puppies go to their new homes with a Puppy Sales Pack which includes:

  • Kennel Club Registration Document
  • Five Generation Pedigree
  • Sales Contract
  • A week's supply of Puppy food
  • Five weeks free KC Insurance 
  • Written advice on all aspects of puppy rearing including feeding, vaccination, worming and training
  • First vaccination - your vet will need to administer the second vaccination to complete the course
  • Micro-chipped
  • Support and Advice throughout the dog's life.


If you would like further information about this litter or the breed generally,
please send me an email/give me a call on 01905 345755.

AND EMAIL TO ME AT debbie_deaconfield@outlook.com



Pictures of some previous litters below


May 2017

Deaconfield Harmony's
litter to Ch Rossut Endeavoured,
three dogs and three bitches

Heidi and puppies

The Boys

The Girls


The Sire is Ch Dialynne Masterpiece  


Deaconfield Flourish (left)

One Tri Dog and One Tri Bitch

and Four T/W Bitches

At the milk bar with Mum  

Just over a week old below 

Tri Dog and Bitch          

T/W Bitches


and Deaconfield Folksong with her litter

The Sire is Champion Dialynne Musketeer


 Deaconfield Folksong 

 Puppies born 15 January 2012

Five Tri Dogs

Seven Tri Bitches


Pictures of puppies from previous Deaconfield litters ......

 Milly's puppies in 2010 


Duet's puppies in 2009  

Tucking into puppy food and cutting teeth


First day out on grass - interesting stuff!



Deaconfield Bellmaid aka Bee's Puppies in 2005 


Duet's puppies in 2008

The t/w is Deaconfield Flourish